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August 19, 2010

Turtle Print Consultants

by Turtle Events
Printing Consultants

Print Consultants

If you admire the exactness in colors & perfectness in marketing collaterals,

If you are not getting desired printed outputs as they were planned,

If you’re confused or over burdened with your printing needs and want someone responsible,

If you are not sure what size is right size for your marketing collaterals,

then You need someone by your side to help and take responsibility of your print assignments.

Most of the marketing collaterals SUFFER because of misunderstanding between Designers and Printers as both have different thinking process. We understand this gap well & help organizations as one stop printing solution to share responsibility like in-house department as “we PRINT everything but CURRENCY”.

Turtle Print Consultants are offering free print consultancy to organisations. So please visit our website, join our Facebook fan page and ask for introductory discounts too.